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This store provides a way to donate to the server cluster. Our servers are free to play on for all

but the servers themselves and this website need support to continue.

By purchasing a tame, drop, or pack from this website, the customer understands that this is for the

corresponding in-game item and is an in-kind donation to The Hive Arcade, the server cluster, and this website.

Once a purchase is made, The Hive Team will be alerted and do their best to make the order

available to the purchaser in-game within at most 72 hours. However, this is with the understanding

that the purchase itself is an in-kind donation to the server and that the admins, 

for whatever reason, may take longer than this time to deliver the order. Usually, our dedicated

team of admins will make an order available the same day.



Help our admins to fulfill your order more efficiently by providing your in-game or

tribe name at or before checkout. You can either make an account with our website and

provide your name this way or you will be prompted to fill out your in-game name at checkout.

If you have an account and/or check out with your cart you may want to "add a note" at checkout

and mention your in-game name and/or tribe that way.


Our Website supports most payment methods if any issues please reach out ! 

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