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Join our Viking open survival world 

Conquer the realm and slay the various bosses ahead!
New region added : Mistlands ! 

Server password : arcade 


Multiple Quality of life mods added!

  • Plant Everything  - allows to plant all growable items

  • Item Drawers - Single item storage containers

  • Odin Architect - adds building pieces and styles

  • Odin Horse - tame wild horses

  • Odin Ship - adds various ships

  • Odin TrainingPlace - add leveling up structure placables

  • Dig deeper - Higher Ground raising ANd lower able to dig

  • Valheim Plus - game improvements for players


  • Auto pickup items with Item drawers !

  • auto deposit refined materials in nearby chests

  • No building decay

  • Increased Production speed and output

  • Decreased fuel requirements

  • Player encumbrance increased 

  • Increased slots on carts and chests

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