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Our Journey 

About us 

The Hive Arcade

Creation Date :  01/09/2020



The Arkadians has been created to provide a place where we could enjoy the game we all enjoyed. We wanted to do so in a friendly environment with lots going on for the members!
The growth has been amazing and we have a lot more in store for our Community 

Starting as a client renting just under a dozen servers we have experienced a lot and learned how we would like to see things done differently.

We have been at a couple of renting services and all had proved lacking in service or hardware provided for what we had been trying to create.
Plans and ideas were then created to come up with a lasting solution for everyone in our community. We found that dedicated services was the only way for us to offer a place large enough to house everyone and all plans we had for expansions. 

This required a lot more expertise and management but we knew it could bring this place to life.

Created as a simple idea to provide an Ark community  it has grown to so much more  

As the Community’s expenses have been growing and the attention required become more then could be offered a solution business has been created.
This small starting company will be a learning experience for me as well but I hope this way to be able to ensure the development of the Arkadians Arcade and more.

Owner: Theprof
The Hive Arcade is being hosted by TheHiveCreations
IT & Game Consulting

From rental to fully managed game services

The Hive Creations

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